Friends of Peavine
Protection today and for the future

About Us

   A group of local Fairfield Glade residents is finalizing a request that we plan to submit in the spring of 2013 to John Schroer, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. This request is for him to designate State Route 101, Peavine Road as a Scenic Parkway.

   A Parkway designation under the Tennessee Scenic Parkway program promotes several important goals, among them furnishing motorists a safe and relaxing route by which to experience the beauty of Tennessee and protecting and preserving Tennessee’s scenic and natural qualities. Those goals are accomplished by placing limitations on outdoor advertising.

   Our request consists of a letter asking for the designation along with a map and photos of the route and a description of how Peavine Road would contribute to the Tennessee Parkway system. The request must include strong community support for the designation, and to do that we need your help.

   We have prepared a petition that interested residents and visitors alike can sign to show their strong support for protecting Peavine Road. The petitions are located at the Village Green Mall common area.

   Residents of Cumberland County place a high value on its scenic beauty. Protecting that beauty today and preserving it for future generations is vital. Please show your strong support by including your signature in this important petition drive.

Be a part of protecting Peavine Road and making it a pleasant and scenic drive for residents and visitors of Fairfield Glade.